Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Side Project Derivation #8 - Release news!

The biggest beer news of the year!
Thanks to Cory, Karen and family at Side Project!

Update - D8 - we have a solid release date now!
May 21st.  I will send out BRC emails either Sunday May 20th or early morning on the 21st!!  

No matter which method we use, people will get upset.   We only have 48 bottles - and 1000s wanting them.   We try to be fair and support those that support the store.  If the report was printed today, basically if you spent $13 per week for the last 6 months you are eligible for a chance to get a bottle.  That translates into a 6pk or 2 per week or even just 1 bottle of a nice 750ml beer per week. So for people that make the special trip to our store instead of the convenience of the grocery store, they get rewarded.   I feel this is better than just letting people race to our store that have not shopped at our store or only shop our store for the rare ones (and buy all their everyday beer at the grocery store).

It will be super limited - we are getting about 48 bottles only.
This one will go based on beer support from the last 6 months before the release date.

Here is the plan -

  • Top 35 beer supporters will be allocated a bottle.
  • Then 10 bottles will go via weighted raffle to the top 100 (those that did not already get a bottle - so 36-100 will have have a chance also to purchase a bottle.).   Whatever #100 spent in the last 6 months that amount will count as 1 raffle ticket and each person from 100-36 will get as many raffle tickets based on their purchases.
  • Will save 3 for something later, not sure what yet. 

Side Project D8
Derivation is our series of Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts in which we brew several recipes, age them in a variety of barrels and blend them before bottling to add depth and structure to this massive style of beer.

Blend: #8 | ABV: 15%

Blend #8 is a select blend of barrel-aged stouts that were aged for 1 to 3 years before being blended and infused with coffee, coconut and vanilla.

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