Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Gin from 4 Hands!

Taste it this Saturday 6/2/28 from 12-3pm.

1220 Artisan Origin Gin
  • 4 Hands Juiced 
  • 4 Hands Passion Fruit Prussia 
  • 4 Hands Ripple 

From 4 Hands Brewing Company....
1220 Artisan Spirits Origin Gin....$26.99
"St. Louis, Missouri-based 1220 Artisan Spirits has released Origin, billed as a Western-style gin. Made with juniper, bey armut (a distillate of the Bergamot orange), blood orange, and neroli (a steam distilled extract of the orange blossom flower), Origin is the first expression from 1220 Artisan Spirits, which recently debuted as an offshoot of Missouri’s 4 Hands Brewing Co. The new gin is available at restaurants and retailers across Missouri, as well as at 4 Hands’ tasting room. Additional gin offerings that highlight seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients are set to join the 1220 portfolio later in the year." - Shanken News

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