Friday, May 18, 2018

Borgogno Chinato Barolo

Borgogno Chinato Barolo...$44.99 / liter bottle
The Barolo Chinato di Borgogno was created in the early decades of the 20th century. Thanks to the creativity of Cesare Borgogno, an enthusiastic herbalist and friend of large Vermut producers, including comm. Mario Cora and Count Alfredo Marone Cinzano. Producing this special wine involves starting from an excellent base, which must be Barolo. Sugar, alcohol and infusion. The infusion is the element that lends character. It is obtained from natural products, including roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits, and there are at good 37 different spices. Of the most commonly used herbs and spices for the Barolo Chinato, the most notable is obviously the China in the three classic varieties: Calisaya, Soccimano, Succirubra. The Barolo Chinato has moderate alcohol content, a red colour somewhere between amber and garnet, the characteristic fragrance reminds on of tanned leather and the taste is warm, full-bodied and lingering. Best served in small glasses at 13⁰ or 14⁰, and enjoy with chocolate or with a chocolate based baked goods. In addition to the Barolo Chinato Borgogno also produces the Chinato and the Bianco Borgogno, with the same production method but a different base.

The Chinato Borgogno is produced with 70% Nebbiolo and 30% Barbera.

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