Monday, April 30, 2018

J. Rieger / Boulevard Left for Dead Whiskey #8

J. Rieger / Boulevard Left for Dead Whiskey #8...$18.99 / 375ml
44.5% ABV
Batch #8
Distilled From:  Calling IPA

Reason for Distillation and comments:
On its way to Europe, the shipping container’s temperature fell out of the ideal storage temperature range. As beer’s sensitivity to temperature fluctuations has the ability to cause unforeseen flavor changes, the brewery didn’t want to take any chances. When Boulevard dumped all the kegs, it equated to approximately 1,000 gallons of beer.

Distillation Proof: 123 proof
Bottled Proof:  89 proof

Bottles in Batch: 536 bottles

Notes from the Distiller:
A more intense version of Batch #3, this one was distilled at a lower proof
Aroma: herbal hop, spiced bread, green, fresh
Taste: sweet, gigantic hop flavor, long spicy finish. Mild malty backbone.
Mouthfeel: full, creamy, clean finish, oily

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