Friday, May 4, 2018


Distilled by Foursquare Distillery

Aged Rums!  NOT Solera
All real aged!

Bill McCoy was the pioneer rum runner of the Prohibition era who became a household name for selling only the best quality unadulterated spirits, known as "The Real McCoy."

In McCoy's Prohibition Tradition, our multi-award winning suite of 3, 5, and 12 year aged straight rums are unadulterated -- there are no added sugars or perfumes. The Real McCoy is small batch artisan crafted by our 4th generation master distiller using only the finest blackstrap molasses and pure spring water. The rums are single-distilled in a rare combination of column and artisan pot stills, then authentically aged in heavy char American oak bourbon barrels.

The Real McCoy Single Blended Rum 3 Year Old...$16.99
Our 3-year-aged silver rum comes out of the oak barrel with a light amber color, then we charcoal filter it to remove the color and still maintain the complex flavor and aroma.
PROFILE: Smooth & soft with subtle spice & wood notes
NOSE: Bright citrus & floral overtones, vanilla, subtle oak, nutmeg
PALATE: Buttery caramel, hints coconut, toasted caramel & marzipan
FINISH: Long & warm, toasted coconut, buttery

The Real McCoy Single Blended Rum 5 Year Old...$23.99
Our 5-year-aged rum
Our flagship – exemplifying artisan spirit with well-balanced warmth
PROFILE: Soft, smooth, well-balanced, luxurious texture
NOSE: Oak, dried fruit, brown sugar, earth notes, vanilla hints
PALATE: Caramel, toasted almond, buttery cinnamon, bourbon-aged oak
FINISH: Lingering with toasted coconut and hint of tobacco

The Real McCoy Single Blended Rum 12 Year Old...$39.99
Authentically barrel aged for 12 full years. Rivals world's finest spirits
ROFILE: Exceptionally smooth, mature & balanced, complex wood & spice
NOSE: Buttery oak, earthy notes, spicy dark chocolate
PALATE: Caramel, complex wood & spice notes, orange zest, tobacco hint
FINISH: Soft, structured buttery, peppery spice, hint smoke

  • 80+ Awards Worldwide.
  • 65 Calories per ounce
  • .03 Carbs per ounce
  • Zero Gluten
  • Zero added sugars, flavors or perfumes

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