Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Toutain Calvados

Toutain Calvados Fine 3 Year Old...$32.99
(3 years old minimum) 
Highly fruity, this Calvados is perfect in digestive. It is also recommended for cocktails, for apple sorbets, as well as for culinary preparations that require a certain aromatic power and a high alcohol content. Characteristics: Light yellow, limpid and brilliant. Nose: Very fruity, complex and fine. Apple aromas accompanied by notes of vanilla and citrus. The tannins of the oak are very little present. Palate: A lot of freshness and intensity on the palate, round in the mouth. Melted together with cooked apple flavors and length. 

Toutain Calvados Hors d'Age 15 Year Old...$79.99
(15 years of age minimum) 
This Calvados is appreciated by amateurs. Its roundness and length in the mouth give off all its aromas over time. A great combination combining the qualities of robustness and strength of an out of age. Characteristics: Yellow gold, slightly coppery, limpid and brilliant. Nose: First fruity and slightly vanilla, it is then more floral with some citrus notes. Fine, complex and without aggressiveness. Palate: Sweet and round on the palate. Very balanced between aromas of green apples, dried fruits, vanilla and the woody oak. Long and melted in the mouth keeping the freshness.

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