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Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin - Denmark

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Sitting with a glass of Frederiksdal wine in your hand, you are introduced to a unique wine. You have to forget about both grape wine and cherry wine and let yourself be surprised. Our wines have some unique flavors that originate from one of the best fruit in the world, namely the Danish Stevns cherries. With these cherries we have established a quality wine that does not really taste like anything else. It is not traditional cherry wine, as you probably already know. It is also not port wine or red wine. It is something very special.

Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin Sur Lie...$27.99
A fairly full-bodied wine made using the French method of leaving wine to rest on the sediment.
The French term ‘sur lie’ means that wine is left to rest on its sediment, or residual yeast particles, for an extended period. The method of allowing wine to be in contact with the spent yeast is primarily one used in the French province of Champagne. It produces a richer and deeper tasting wine.
Our Sur Lie is aged in French oak casks, between 225 and 450 litres in volume, and is the result of an amalgamation of 2-3 different vintages. The amalgamation of mature and young vintages lends this wine a further degree of complexity: the younger vintages provide fresh and subtle fruity notes, while the mature ones provide more complex tones. This really is a nuanced wine and one that is a perfect companion to plain chocolate, marinated berries, cakes and, not least, dessert dishes such as risalamande. Sur Lie benefits from a period of decanting before serving. You can leave the wine open in a cool place for a few months.

Frederiksdal Vin af Kirsebaer Cherry Wine...$24.99 / 500ml
Our most fruity wine, made from Stevns berries.  Excellent with strong salty cheese like blue cheeses.

Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin Reserve...$31.99
Our reserve wine is even more complex than our standard range. The wine is produced from the Stevnsbær cherries which are left to ferment in open vats for a day after the harvest. The fermentation gives this wine a multitude of nuances.

An amalgamation of several vintages, our reserve wine is matured in small, 225-litre, French wooden barrels for up to 30 months. The wine’s prolonged contact with the wood of the casks imparts subtle coffee and chocolate notes to it. The wine is partly fortified with our own cherry distillate which brings in the subtle aromas of the wild cherry and wild raspberry to balance the flavour. The wine has a complexity and finesse to match a variety of savoury dishes. It is suitable for game, braised beef, sharp cheeses, pâtés and terrines. Also makes a delicious addition to any chocolate-based desserts. You can store our reserve wine in the cellar for many years. Once opened, it will retain its flavour and aroma for several months if left in a cool place. Decant this wine before serving.

Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin Late Bottled...$27.99
‘Late Bottled’ is produced from Stevns sour cherries grown and harvested in our own orchards – primarily berries from Young trees in Skælstrupmark orchard. The berries are fermented for three days, after which the pressed juice undergoes further fermentation in stainless steel vats. Under normal circumstances, we either bottle the wine directly from the vats 9-10 months later – or mature the wine in oak casks.
However, 90% of ‘Late Bottled’ has been stored in steel vats for a period of 18 months prior to bottleing – hence the name – to produce a rounder, fuller wine that retains its original fruitness. 10% of the wine has matured in 225 and 400 litre oak casks – a process which adds delicate nuances of chokolade, coffee and fine tannins. ‘Late Bottled’ is therefore a milder and rounder wine offering the ideal accompaniment to autumn’s heavy desserts (with chokolate, plum and blackberries) or Danish rice pudding with almonds at Christmas

Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin Likor...$27.99
Although the Danes have a proud tradition of making cherry liqueurs, the production has all but disappeared after being moved abroad and experiencing a fall in quality in the 1980s. But, Frederiksdal is now picking up the tradition and introducing a modern quality liqueur based on our very own Stevnsbær cherries.

Unlike traditional liqueurs, which are made of juice, sugar and alcohol, we allow the Stevnsbær cherries to ferment after the picking before we add alcohol to it. This additional step ensures greater complexity and flavour, the likes of which you probably won’t have tasted before in a traditional cherry liqueur. And to crown it all, we store the liqueur in oak barrels (mostly used cognac barrels) for at least six months before bottling. The flavour is dominated by an intense cherry sweetness and a hint of chocolate, and finishes with an irresistible citrusy zing. Good for drinks or with assorted chocolates. Mix it with a sparkling wine to make your own Kir Frederiksdal or simply enjoy a glass on its own with sweet desserts and coffee. Dagbladet
Politiken wrote: ‘A great addition to Frederiksdal’s range of many excellent cherry wines. A fine successor to the global winner Cherry Heering’.

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