Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pinckney Bend new items

From the great state of Missouri!

Pinckney Bend Apple Ambush...$18.99
Apple is the original flavor of temptation. Add a little cinnamon and spice, along with corn and neutral grain spirits, and you have an easy drinking shot of 70 proof liquid delight. Enjoy Apple Ambush hot or cold, straight up, or as a cocktail component. But beware of might be an Ambush.

Pinckney Bend Navy Strength Gin...$27.99
57% ABVThe Story of Navy Strength Gin
For over two centuries, English distillers supplied the British admiralty with 57% ABV Gin. This overproof expression (typical gin is 40%-45%) became know as Navy Strength. The U.S. Navy served sailors a spirit ration of rye whiskey until the practice was discontinued in 1862. We like to think that had American Congressman, Naval officers and seamen been exposed to Pinckney Bend Navy Strength gin, perhaps history would have been different

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