Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Brick River Cider - St. Louis MO

Made right here in St. Louis!

Brick River Cider Firehouse Rose...$11.99 / 750ml
Our Cider Maker's take on dry rose. Tart and complex, with Michigan Montmorency sour cherries and hibiscus tea blend.

Brick River Cider Homestead...$9.49 / 4pk 16oz cans
Unfiltered, cloudy & semi-sweet farmhouse style cider bursting with fruit – as close to the orchard as it gets.

Brick River Cider Corner Stone...$9.49 / 4pk 16oz cans
Classic semi-dry crystal clear effervescent cider with clear notes of fresh apple & hints of the earth from which it came.

More Info:
We work to craft great hard cider using only fresh pressed juice from Midwestern apples. We never use fruit shipped from halfway around the world, and never, never use juice concentrate. We believe respecting this time honored tradition of staying close to the land is an important part of crafting a great cider. But, like any pioneer entering new territory, learning to innovate while keeping the best parts of your traditions is key to success. So in addition to traditional time tested cider styles, expect us to bring new and refreshing styles and flavors to you all the while staying true to our support of regional agriculture.

Brick River Cider Company is St Louis’ first dedicated ciderworks. We are committed to crafting great hard cider made from fresh pressed Midwestern fruit, never concentrate.

Brick River Cider is named to honor the connection between the City of St Louis and its connection to the regional rural communities. From its early days St Louis was a major source of brick making, and the rivers carried those bricks in every direction building communities throughout our region. Those bricks remind us that we are all connected, and we continue that tradition today bringing the fruits of the region back to the city, and crafting authentic hard ciders to celebrate with our friends and family.

The story of connections flowing back and forth with St Louis and the wider region has repeated again and again across countless families and generations. Brick River founder Russ John’s family got its start in America when his great grandfather Theodore enlisted in the Union Cavalry in 1862 at Jefferson Barracks, St Louis. In 1869 Theodore established a homestead farm and orchards in southeast Nebraska, and the John family has been growing apples in the Midwest ever since. Today his great grandson is proud to bring a family tradition of hard cider back to St Louis with the city’s first dedicated ciderworks.

Brick River Cider Company’s mission is to work with regional fruit growers to craft authentic hard cider using only fresh pressed fruit juices. Our ciders range from classic and traditional to bold and innovative, but whatever the style they are all 100% gluten free from fresh pressed regional fruit, never concentrate. We invite you to raise a glass and connect with cider the way it should be.

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