Thursday, November 9, 2017

Rieger's Whiskey from Kansas City, Missouri

Special 2017 Limited Edition Holiday Label!
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J. Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey...$32.99 / 750ml
Jacob Rieger and Company was founded in 1887 in Kansas City's West Bottoms Livestock Exchange district.  The brand offered over 100 alcoholic products and took pride in maintaining a quarter of a million unique customers by offering mail-order delivery services.  In 1919, Prohibition was enacted by the federal government and was not reversed until 1933.  J. Rieger and Co. was a casualty at the time, but was not destined to be lost forever.  95 years after Prohibition, we can officially say that the historic and iconic spirits brand of Kansas City is back!

Our bottling of Kansas City Whiskey pays tribute to the original brand by utilizing a blend of Corn, Malt, and Straight Rye Whiskies, as well as a small amount of 15 year old Oloroso Sherry from the Williams & Humbert Bodedga in Jerez, Spain.  The use of Sherry in American Whiskey was commonplace in the 1800s, but was lost after prohibition..  Bottled at 90 proof and comprised of Whiskeys aged at least 7 years, our Kansas City Whiskey is a balanced, smooth, and slightly sweet and powerful Whiskey that is beautiful when served neat or on the rocks, but also works well in classic cocktails such as the Horsefeather and Old Fashioned."

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