Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mezcal Tasting TODAY at BALLWIN!


Saturday July 8th at Ballwin 
Open House 1pm-4pm

  • Mezcal Vago "Tobala" - Agave - Tobala 52.3% ABV ($91.99) 
  • Mezcal Vago "Elote" - The unique Mezcal Vago Elote - Between the normal second and an extra third distillation of our Mezcal Espadin, Aguilino naturally infuses the batch with roasted corn grown on his farm. The result is mezcal with a flavor that is truly the essence of Mexico. This recipe was created by Aquilino's family and is available exclusively through Mezcal Vago. Elote has a nose full of smoky toasted corn and dry river stones. The body is sweet with wood tones and layers of honeycomb, green tropical fruit, and smoke. It has a prolonged finish loaded with mint and papaya. ($49.99) 
  • Mezcal Vago "Espadin" Aquilino's family has been making mezcal for more generations than they can remember. He cultivates his Espadin in the hills above his palenque in the small village of Candeleria Yegole, located on the boarder of the Central Valley and Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca. Yegole is an arid region of Oaxaca, yet sits on the confluence of two rivers. The dry environment, coupled with ample fresh water amke it the ideal location for making mezcal. Espadin has a light aroma of sweet potatoes, citrus and flint. Its palate has hints of anise and plantains with a long pine and caramel finish. ($44.99) 
  • Nuestra Soledad "San Luis del Rio"
  • Mezcal El Buho Mezcal 100% Espadin Agave made in the heart of Oaxaca. 86 proof In Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca, the Espadin are roasted in a stone pit fire for a week and crushed by horse on a tohona stone mill. Double distilled in a 5th generation copper still, drip by drip. Bottle by hand in rustic glass. ($35.99)
  • Sombra Mezcal 
  • Creyente Mezcal
  • Del Maguey Vida
  • Del Maguey Arroquena
  • Bruxo Mezcal
  • Herejia Obsidiana Espadin Mezcal
  • Herejia Plata Ensamble de Agaves
  • Herejia Granate Espadin Mezcal
  • Xicala Mezcal
  • Machetazo Mezcal Papalote

Nice information from the Somm Journal about mezcal terms.

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