Monday, June 19, 2017

Martin Brothers Wildflower Dry Mead

Currently only in stock at our Ballwin location
From Herman Missouri
Martin Brothers Wildflower Dry Mead...$19.99
The Honey:  When bees create wildflower honey they are free to pollinate and gather nectar from whatever flowers they seek out to be premium enough for their queen and her young. The end result is a very rich blend of nectars from countless numbers and types of flowers with the familiar taste of wildflower honey.
The Method: Our Wildflower Dry Mead is a Traditional Mead crafted only from wildflower honey, and fermented to completion on smooth American oak.

The Essence:  Intensely citrus forward with strong notes of lemon, lemon zest, and a finish of roasted almonds, and subtle vanilla.

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