Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rinomato L'Aperitivo Deciso

Rinomato L'Aperitivo Deciso...$21.99
Rinomato is an Italian adjective meaning ‘of note’ or ‘renowned.’ To be rinomato is to be distinct and to command respect from even the most discerning critics. As one of the few artisanal aperitivo liqueurs being made using classic methods, this authentic aperitivo is truly rinomato. Its stunning, vibrant and distinct bouquet of aromas and flavors make it a genuine Italian amaro liqueur without substitute.

Mastering the art of Aperitivo is not complicated. Meaning ‘to open’ – referring to your palate – the concept of Aperitivo encompasses a broad range of drink styles and flavor profiles. They are typically sweet, dry, bitter, sparkling, or a combination of these elements. They are designed to awaken your palate and induce appetite.

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