Saturday, May 20, 2017

Limited Diplomatico Rums

Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002 Rum...$81.99

43% ABV
Finished in Sherry Casks
Diplomatico Single Vintage is the result of a delicate selection of exclusive rum reserves aged from the year declared on each edition.
The rums are separately distilled in ancient copper pot stills and a batch kettle system, which gives an exceptional character, and subsequently aged in bourbon and single malt whisky casks. After the ageing process, the Maestro Ronero assembles the rum in varying proportions in order to obtain the structure, body, personality, flavours and aromas that he is looking for. At last, the rum is transferred into Spanish sherry casks to provide the perfect finish.

Diplomatico Ambassador Cask Strength Rum...$239.99

47% ABV
Diplomatico Ambassador is an exquisite rum crafted from the distillery's best rums and aged in white oak barrels until optimal maturity is achieved. After, the rums are aged for two additional years in Pedro Ximanez sherry casks, contributing to this rum's complex sensory profile. Diplomatico Ambassador is bottled directly from the barrel in order to preserve the full expression of its organoleptic properties.

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