Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Urban Family Brewing Company

We are a small craft brewery located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. We brew small batch beers that are yeast driven and inspired by French & Belgian farmhouses. Everything we do is done by hand the old fashioned way, utilizing local Pacific Northwest ingredients. Our beer can be found at our tasting room as well as finer beer bars and bottle shops across Washington State

Urban Family Darker My Love...$9.49 / pint
Foudre Aged Dark Sour Ale

Urban Family Heart of Stone...$9.49 / pint
Sour Ale Brewed with Apricots and Plums

Urban Family Agronomy....$9.49 / 500ml
Wild Wheat Ale brewed with Coriander and Orange peel.

Urban Family Aristocratic Fantasy...$9.49 / pint
Tart Four Grain Farmhouse Ale

Urban Family Clouds of Pale Gold Brett Farmhouse...$9.49 / pint
Brett farmhouse asked with Meyer lemons & dandelion greens.

Urban Family Efflorescent Heartbeat Wild Rose Hip.....$9.49 / pint
Wild Rose Hip Farmhouse ale

Urban Family Gentleman Caller...$9.49 / pint
Dry hopped sour with Belma, Simcoe, and Hull Melon

Urban Family Imagined History...$9.49 / pint
Wild farmhouse with squash, hay & spices

Urban Family Muerte Al Cereal....$9.49
Stout with cinnamon, vanilla, cacao nibs, and chiles

Urban Family Pineapple Milk Shake...$9.49 / pint
Calypso hops, pineapple and milk sugar IPA

Urban Family St. Anthony's Fire....$9.49 / pint
Rye Saison - dry and slightly spicy

Urban Family Hoppy Magnolia...$6.49 / pint
Citra Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale
Dry, with a juicy yeast profile and a grassy citrus hoppiness.

Urban Family Citron Noir...$8.99 / pint
Toasted bread and chocolate married with tart black lemons, finishing with an expressive yeast.
Black Lemons are not actually lemons, they are dried limes. They are commonly used in cooking in the Middle-East.

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