Saturday, October 1, 2016

Farias Tequila

Farias Tequila Silver...$35.99
100% Blue Agave
Produced with the best cultivation from the valley, using the finest raw blue agave.
TASTE NOTES: Light color with a slight essence of oak and smooth taste of agave.
AGED: 0 months.
40% Alc. Vol. (80 PROOF)

Farias Tequila Reposado...$41.99
100% Blue Agave
Product of special selection aged in American white oak barrels, offering a high quality for those with sophisticated tastes.
TASTE NOTES: Pale yellow in color with a complex agave aroma, light oak and smooth flavor.
AGED: 9 months.
40% Alc. Vol. (80 PROOF)

Farias Tequila Anejo Extra Aged...$45.99
100% Blue Agave
Aged in American white oak barrels. Unique for its essence and flavor oak of the highest quality. Created for the world of connoisseurs.
TASTE NOTES: Golden in color with essence of oak, blue agave bouquet and intense flavor.
AGED: 2 years.
40% Alc. Vol. (80 PROOF)

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