Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Deus Brut des Flandres

The Champagne of beers....back in stock

2013 DeuS Brut des Flandres....$33.99 / 750ml
"The Most Sophisticated Belgian Specialty The Bosteels family have been brewers since 1791 in the village of Buggenhout, Belgium. The brewery is situated in the center of town in a charming old walled-in courtyard. Best known for Pauwel Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet, two of the most popular specialty beers in Belgium, the Bosteels family has unveiled their most audacious
and spectacular specialty yet: DeuS, Brut des Flandres. DeuS is brewed with the finest summer barley, select hops and secret herbs and spices, but unlike any other Belgian specialty, it undergoes a lengthy, expensive maturation in the Champagne region of France. For centuries, the French have used the elegant and labor-intensive “methode Champenoise” as the way
to make the best sparkling wines in the world. DeuS receives this treatment, just as the finest
Champagne, and the result is remarkable. Following the initial fermentation, DeuS is shipped
to France, where practitioners of “methode Champenoise” follow their strict protocol of bottle turning (“remuage”) and yeast removal (“degorgement”). The entire process takes more than a year, but it’s well worth the wait. DeuS is clearly not a sparkling wine, nor is it a “beer” in the traditional sense. With flavors of anise, fresh malt, herbal hops and a slightly bready yeast note, it truly combines The Best of Two Worlds, and creates the new category of Belgian ultra-specialty. Serve DeuS ice cold in a narrow flute or champagne goblet for best appearance and flavor." -- importer

"Stop whining and pony up—it’s worth every penny." -- Garrett Oliver

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