Friday, August 5, 2016

Jester King and Crooked Stave -- surprise release

Surprise Release tonight!!!
Right before the Charleville Release Party! - click here to read about it
We will raffle off chances to purchase the bottles tonight.
Big night planned for STL Beer Week!

  • Come in and fill out your name before 5:20 this evening at our Forsyth location
  • Drawing will be at 5:30
  • You must be present to win.
  • Sorry, no reservations.  Must be present at Forsyth tonight
  • We will call out the names and you will be able to select 1 bottle to purchase.  
  • We will be releasing some bottles of the 5 Jester King beers below.  Plus some Crooked Stave Petite Sour Raspberry and Blueberry plus Origins

Plus at 5:15 tonight, we will open a bottle of these two.  (just a bottle of each until they are gone)

  • Jester King Brewery: Beachtimez Sportzketball
  • Jester King Provenance Lemon & Lime Ale Fermented with Citrus

Jester King Brewery: Beachtimez Sportzketball...$12.99 / 750ml
Grisette Inspired Farmhouse Ale Fermented with Texas Loquats
Beachtimez Sportzketball is a bioengineered battle fuel sent from the future-past to aid in the crushing of enemies. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, 100% naturally conditioned. Collaboration with Green Bench Brewing.

Jester King Wytchmaker Farmhouse Rye India Pale Ale ...$12.99 / 750ml
The culprit behind the Salem Witch Trials was not demonic possession (which would have been kind of cool), but ergot-infected rye. Wild yeast native to our land in the Texas Hill Country lends a sense of place to this earthy, floral farmhouse rye beer. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.

Boxer's Revenge Sour Barrel-Aged Strong Ale...$15.99 / 750ml
Native yeast and souring bacteria captured from the land and air at our brewery in the Texas Hill Country slowly imparted a sense of place in this dry, tart, highly attenuated ale during months of fermentation in oak barrels. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.

Provenance - Lemon & Lime Ale Fermented with Citrus ...$12.99 / 750ml
Our second batch of Provenance takes the vibrant flavors and aromas of lemons and limes and presents them in the unique way that only wild fermentation with native yeast and bacteria can. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% bottle-conditioned.

Jester King 2016 Hibernal Dichotomous
Blended Farmhouse Ale with Rosemary and Genmaicha Tea 
...$12.99 / 750ml
For 2016 Hibernal Dichotomous, we used the method of bière de coupage by blending fresh Das Überkind with mature barrel-aged Funk Metal. Fresh rosemary and genmaicha were then added before allowing it to referment to dryness. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.

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