Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Masterson's 12 Year Old Straight Wheat Whiskey

No longer being made - another 12 year old going away....

12 year old Wheat Whiskey
Masterson's 12 Year Old Straight Wheat Whiskey...$49.99

Great price - was $69.99
Batch #1
As an Old West marshal, gambler, newspaperman and boxing promoter, Bat Masterson was always searching for the next great thing. Which is why he would’ve marveled at this wheat whiskey–  with its woody, vanilla nose and smooth, chocolate-like finish.
The Wheat:
Masterson’s Wheat is crafted with choice Canadian wheat and mineral-rich glacial lake water, and it’s distilled in an old-fashioned copper pot – a symbol of the timeless craftsmanship that went into this whiskey.  Aging occurs in white oak casks and takes 12 years for the whiskey to completely mellow.
The Taste:
On the nose, you’ll discover a pleasant, slightly woody and vanilla-caramel scent. A sip will reveal a smooth taste, including a light chocolaty flavor that lasts longer in the mouth.

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