Friday, March 25, 2016

Rare and different new wine....

Still Xarel-Lo?
Our emails are often filled with wines that receive great press or come from historic estates, but every once in a while we like to completely off the grid and shine a light on some pretty obscure and quite tasty wines. To that end let us introduce you to Celler Credo, as far as I can tell they are the only producer of still Xarel-Lo available in the St Louis market. What is Xarel-Lo you may ask, the main grape used in the production of Cava, the Spanish answer to Champagne. Celler Credo come to us from our favorite Cava producer Bodegas Recaredo, and produces stunning, bio-dynamic and organic, examples of what the Xarel-Lo grape can be when done as still wine.

2013 Celler Credo Miranius Penedes...$15.99
Miranius has strong varietal character with crisp acidity and a good palate. To achieve this, we work with very low production volumes in our vineyards, taking great care over ripening with the aim of producing wines with natural, fresh acidity. This wine may contain natural sediments

2013 Celler Credo Aloers...$24.99
Aloers is made by allowing the must to macerate for a few hours with the stems and then leaving the wine on the lees for approximately two months. At Celler Credo we produce limited volumes in our vineyards and keep a close eye on maturation. This approach allows us to achieve a fresh and natural acidity. Aloers offers the freshest, most genuine expression of the Mediterranean Xarel·lo grown on calcareous soils

2012 Celler Credo Estrany...$47.99
Estrany is made using an age-old technique from the time when wine was macerated with the grape skin. This contact with the skin is taken to the limit to showcase the Xarel·lo variety in a frank, uncompromising way that captures all its depth and rough-edged elegance. This is an unfiltered, unclarified wine. It may contain completely natural sediments as a result of our minimal intervention.

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