Friday, February 19, 2016

Death's Door Vodka LITERS!!! Super price!!! Stock up!!

Super special on Death's Door Vodka LITERS while they last - only $19.99
Death's Door Vodka...$19.99 / LITER bottles   (60 cents per ounce)
compare to the 750ml bottle
Death's Door Vodka..$27.99 / 750ml    ($1.12 per ounce)

Death's Door Vodka is a locally grown, small-batch vodka that combines unique wheat with crisp, pure water to provide a sweet, wheaty bouquet, tasteful middle notes and a clean finish for your palate. Getting this particular wheat isn't easy - it's grown in only one place: Washington Island. Here, ships must safely charter our precious grain to the mainland through the respectably deep currents and counter-currents of Death's Door Passage, the historic waterway where Lake Michigan and Green Bay meet.

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