Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cheese Department features

Each store carries a different and diverse selection.  Come in for a free taste and we will help you find a favorite....always cut fresh to order!!  Real Parmigiano Reggiano grated fresh to order.

Ballwin location cheese feature:
Piave Vecchio
Piave is a DOP Italian cow's milk cheese, that is named after the Piave river that is produced in the Veneto Region of Italy.   Our Ballwin location is featuring Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro which is aged more than 12 months.  Piave Vecchio has firm texture and tt has a slightly sweet flavor. Once fully aged, it becomes hard enough for grating, and it develops an intense, full-bodied flavor.  

New Ballas Cheese Feature:
Swiss Raclette
Raclette, a semi-firm cheese from the Swiss and French Alps, is a fun and different way to enjoy cheese at a friendly get-together on a cool fall or cold winter night. Raclette, which means “scraper,” is traditionally hung on a fork in from of a fire so that the face of the cheese softens. As it melts, it is scraped off the cheese slab and eaten with boiled new potatoes, pickled onions, and cornichons. Today there is an easier way. Electric raclette melters are available for borrow (for free) or for sale from The Wine and Cheese Place, along with properly sliced French or Swiss raclette. Slices of raclette are placed in individual melting trays for a few moments, and then spread on fresh slices of French bread. This is an easy and delicious alternative to fondue ~ no mixing and heating ingredients ahead of time! The texture of raclette is very smooth, and seems to melt in your mouth even without heating. The taste is rich, reminiscent of wine and fruit, with a pronounced tang. Thinly sliced dried ham, such as prosciutto, iberico or serrano is an excellent accompaniment. Raclette, thin ham slices, bread, boiled potatoes, pickled onions and sour gerkins, make for a light and festive supper for friends or family.

Forsyth location cheese feature:
Somderdale HarlechCreamy English Cheddar with horseradish and parsley
The Somerdale flavored cheddar range has created a loyal following over a number of years. We all have our favorite accompaniment to go with cheddar and why not have it already in your favorite English cheddar. All the cheeses are natural and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. They are all presented in a beautifully waxed deli wheel or fixed weight parchment pack.


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