Friday, February 5, 2016

BRC Beer update

BRC release updates:

I am sure I am forgetting a few -- but this should answer a lot of questions....

  • Founder KBS - released in April will be heavily based on Founders support from January 1 until release
  • Goose Island BCS and Variants - will be based heavily on Goose Island purchases starting January 1st until release in November
  • Bells Hopslam 6pk - 12oz Cans : still deciding on this one.  It arrives Feb 8th.  We have a decent allocation of the 6 pack Cans.    So part might be BRC and part might be general release. 
  • Bells Hopslam 5 liter Mini Kegs:  We have very little 5 liter Hopslam Mini Kegs coming so those will go to the top Bells Brewery supporters 

  • Perennial Savant Blanc -  - emails just sent
  • Perennial Sump BURUNDI Variant - emails just sent (only available at Perennial and The Wine and Cheese Place)

  • Prairie Artisan Ales Branson Jamboree Imperial Stout Aged in Oak Barrels - partially based on Prairie support.  This one is coming soon.
  • 2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla LSD - late February/early March
  • 2nd Shift BA Vanilla Release party - invites will go via BRC
  • Side Project Merci - soon
  • Side Project (to be announced soon) - waiting on registration

More info on some of the beers!!

We will allocate a portion out based on support of Prairie Artisan Ales "regular beers" starting from October 12 until a day or two of the beer arriving.

Prairie Artisan Ales Branson Jamboree Imperial Stout Aged In Oak Barrels

The Wine and Cheese Place will be the only place in St. Louis you can get this beer
Back in Janaury of 2014 Chase Healey, co-founder and brewmaster of Prairie Artisan Ales, loaded up two barrels  (Evan Williams 10 Year old and a Buffalo Trace) from The Wine and Cheese Place to take back to Oklahoma to fill with beer.  So Chase decided to blend several barrels for this beer and make a larger batch. It is a blend of bourbon barrels along with some brandy and Madeira barrels.   He said it worked better for his system to make a bigger batch.  The beer is bottled and should be heading our way soon.   So we will be receiving about 2 barrels worth of this final blend.  So around 720 pint bottles.

2nd Shift Vanilla LSD Release Party - tickets will go via BRC
We will be having a 2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla LSD release party with Steve and Libby Crider. Will announce date as soon as we know (probably late February or early March).
We will invite the top 30 - 2nd Shift supporters at that time.

We will taste -

  • 2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla LSD
  • 2nd Shift LSD
  • 2nd Shift Cat Spit Stout
  • 2nd Shift Vanilla Cat Spit
  • 2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla Cat Spit Stout (we will save some bottles for the event
Part of this release will be based on 2nd Shift Support!

  • 2nd Shift Barrel Aged LSD (3 barrels produced) 
2nd Shift BA beers will be partially allocated based on 2nd Shift support.  These barrels will be based on the start of our new POS system (October 12th until a few days before the release--soon!)

Side Projece Merci Blend #2

Perennial Savant Blanc
Savant Blanc is a Belgian blonde ale, 100% Brettanomyces fermented, aged for 5 months in Chardonnay barrels with Chardonel grapes.


Anonymous said...

How about a little love for the whiskey guys who don't get any emails for the BRC! We like beer too but we just don't buy enough. I've done the math and both customers spend about the same. I've never got an email for the whiskey release club. Also, is there only room for one club at TWCP? What about a spirit release club? Or would the little guys get pushed out of that club. I spend $5000-$7000 a year on whiskey. I know that's not much for one person but what about the other 500 people like me. Would you rather lose 500 peoples business or 1 guy who spends $50,000 a year?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hear you....I'm in the same boat. Thus I have to buy my Ltd. Beer from the competition....who actually put it on the shelf instead of only giving it to select people...
I drink quality, not quantity....Thus I get nothing.
The only thing "brc" has done is alienate me from a store that used to be my "go to place" for everything.
Still love buying whiskey @ twcp though... :)

Paul Hayden said...

On the first comment:
Having a whiskey reward program is in the planning., so stay tuned for that. Even without that, we do our best to be as fair as possible with limited bourbons by doing many of them via the raffle method. Some we just throw on the shelf a bottle at a time without telling people. To let the regular shopper find them. Just in the last 2 weeks, Stagg Jr and Blantons were on the shelf and we never posted that we had them. Just to reward people that are shopping in the store. People found them and were excited to find them.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all that you guys do and I know it's prob difficult to make everyone happy. The regulars, from my point of view come up on Friday to taste beer and buy whiskey. I'd love a bottle of stagg jr but I've never found anything special on Fridays or weekends. Do you put Blanton or stagg Jr on the other stores shelves? I'm not trying to be ungrateful because I like TWCP and the work you do Paul. When I see pikesville rye on Randall's shelves, blantons, Weller 12. Those cost a couple extra bucks but I found makers mark cask for 40 bucks so it evens out. I'm not sure if the two times I went there was a fluke but I bought 5 bottles of Makers. From the people I talk to, if you can't get/find those hidden bottle then you why not just find the lowest price. I mean I see people selling the "rare" stuff on bottle spot for decent prices. I'll speak for myself but your gonna start losing customers and I'm just being honest. I'm sorry to be negative but I've heard about this whiskey club for a few years. Thanks for the response

Paul Hayden said...

On the second comment about limited beer:
Again, there is no perfect way. We try to be as fair as possible. When you get 12 bottles of something, what do you do? If we just put it on the shelf the same people go around town and scoop it up from all stores. People know when the releases are and many will even take off work to go round them up. We just feel it is more fair to give it to regulars of the store. Some releases are based on whiskey/beer/wine sales. So if you purchase a lot of whiskey you can still qualify for beer. The Dissident release today went using overall sales including whiskey too. Many of the limited beers do end up on the shelf. This week alone people found on the shelf Side Project The Scribe, Perennial Sump, Prairie Barrel Aged Bomb!, 2nd Shift Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Cat Spit, Deschutes The Abyss, and others. I have said this before, it would be much easier to just put the limited beers on the shelf, we spend a lot of effort and time releasing these beers the way we do. We do it this way because it is much more fair.

Paul Hayden said...

I think all 4 stores got in Stagg Jr, not 100% sure. We also had Pikesville Rye on the shelf this week also, in fact there still might be some on the shelf right now. That was another one, I decided not to post to let regulars find it on the shelf. We do not want to raise our prices on the limited Bourbons to make them last longer on the shelf. I think our Weller 12 is $26 or something like that, I do not know if it is true, but I have been told by a few people that Randalls has it for over $60? again not sure it that is true or not. I did see they had the Makers Cask for $40, not sure if that is a mistake, because that is well below cost. When I saw that, I called my distributor to find out how that could be, they said the wholesale has never been that low before. They were guessing they priced it based on the 375ml bottles. We were $30 on 375ml and $62 on 750, and we are not making a ton of money at those prices. I can buy it cheaper from them than our wholesaler. We have been talking about the whiskey club for awhile, that is true. But it is logistically a nightmare. We want to make sure we do it right and we wanted to wait until we got our new POS system set up. It will eventually make it, still not sure how fast.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with you about Randall's. There just going after a different customer. I know your job is thankless at times but I appreciate your dedication to TWCP. I mean get some sleep. Thanks Paul! Your the man! Your the only person I know in this shady business with integrity. When I say shady, I don't mean TWCP. I mean the whole liquor business.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Paul is the man. Thx, Paul!