Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Black Barrels Beer

Black Barrels Nut - The Irish Jinn...$16.99 / 500ml
Barrel Aged

An amber with a solid alcohol content, 6.5%, that unites enthusiasm, decision and initiative! The wood aging grants the caramel malts, used in the mash, a unique edge. Aromas of tropical fruit and melon, while on the it’s delicate and velvet body finish in a finale both sour and bitter. Dry-hopped with flower hops during wood aging (barrel aged for about 6-8 months).

Black Barrels Yellow Doctor...$16.99 / 500ml
Barrel Aged
YELLOW DOCTOR A light blonde ale, very drinkable thanks to it’s soft acidity and light body. Refreshing, with notes of tropical fruit. It is dry-hopped and spiced with thyme after barrel aging (barrel aged for about 5-6 months) to give it a unique character.

Black Barrels Vedova Nera.....$16.99 / 500ml
Barrel Aged
VEDOVA NERA Dark ale, brewed with an abundance of toasted malts. The nose is reminiscent of an important wine or sherry. Medicinal. Watery body with an acidic finish. (about 8-10 months in barrel)

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