Monday, March 27, 2017

Solence Cotes du Ventoux

Certified by Ecocert

Cotes du Ventoux is back in stock.
2011 Solence Les Trois Pers Cotes du Ventoux...$14.99
The grapes are hand-harvested, de-stemmed, crushed, and then vinified by parcel. Only natural, indigenous yeasts are used to make the wines at Solence. Each year different plots of vines are selected to produce a wine that achieves a balance between the influence of their old vines and the influence of the terroir. The exact determination of the blend is not made until the date of harvest. The “Trois Pères” is a complex, full-bodied Rhône wine. The nose is spicy with garrige and black cherry notes. In the mouth the wine is dominated by briary, black raspberry flavors that are complemented by cassis and black pepper notes. This wine is nicely balanced with firm, but ripe, tannins. It is a perfect companion to grilled meats and game.

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