Saturday, April 1, 2017

Travis Santa Barbara Chardonnay

Looking for a bigger, richer Chardonnay under $20! 
This new Travis Chardonnay is much bigger and fatter than previous years.   First of all - it received malolactic fermentation which gives it a much more buttery component.  This is the first year that is has seen some oak treatment (toasted and untoasted French Oak) and this is the first year it is SANTA BARBARA fruit!

2015 Travis Santa Barbara Chardonnay...$15.99
Travis has long produced some of California’s finest and most distinctive Chardonnays, offering a classic union of richness, exotic fruit, and a distinctive minerality.
Tasting Notes:  With an intense focus on freshness, this vivid yet tender wine avoids excessive flavors of oak, butter and tropical fruit in favor of a very pure expression of the flavors of the unadorned Chardonnay grape grown in one of its best terroirs.
Serve With: Enjoy this with simple food of the highest quality, whether from land, sea or air.

More technical info:
89% was sourced from Santa Barbara County, 11% was sourced from the Santa Maria Valley. Vineyards included: While Hills Block 20-7A (59%), White Hills block 18-6 (22%), While Hills Vineyard (7%), RTV SMB Blocks L and O (8%). Dominant soil types include limestone, sand, and clay-loam mixtures. The strong Pacific influence (breezes, fog) has a strong moderating and cooling effect, extending the growing season and preserving acidity/freshness.

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