Friday, July 10, 2015

Stone Enjoy After 07.04.16

This is where are allocation was shipped, so we are leaving it there....

We have 12 bottles at New Ballas
We have 12 bottles at Rock Hill

First come first served at those 2 stores.  
No reservations.

This is all we are getting.

Stone Enjoy After 07.04.16....$11.99 / 750ml
This IPA is spiked at bottling with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that, over time, brings about charmingly unpredictable complexities of spice, funk, acidity and more. The operative words in our beer-cellaring thesis are “over time.” For those of you who are impatient or like to experiment, the earliest we recommend sampling this beer is 07.04.15. The beer won’t be fully carbonated until that date. Ideally, you’ll want to cellar the beer up to—or beyond—the Enjoy After date to help it reach its full evolutionary potential. At that point, some facets of the Brett characteristics will have mellowed, while others will have become more profound; it all matures into a fascinating and delicious culmination. Individual results will vary…and that’s both the beauty and the intent behind this beer.

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