Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whiskey Sister Bourbon

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Whiskey Sister Bourbon Whiksey....$18.99
Her Story
She headed east towards Nashville in a beat-up old car with fifty dollars in her pocket and a six-string guitar on the back seat. Just in case, she’d tucked the recipe for Nana’s bourbon whiskey into her left boot. Nana said, “If people can’t appreciate the sweetest sister you’ll ever meet, well, there isn’t too much you can do with people like that.” & Nana was always right.

Tasting Notes
The initial aroma is full of caramel with a supporting note of vanilla. Oak & tannin begin to show slightly & cut the caramel aroma. The finish is full of the perfect blend of caramel & oak. The first sip is indulgent: burnt sugar, plum, & heady vanilla. A heavy dose of tannin tempers the sweetness along with a long, smooth warming sensation. This is a flavorful, decadent bourbon that keeps from being assertive or overbearing.

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