Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2nd Shift 2014 LSD!!!!

New label design by Kyle A. Scarborough

2nd Shift Liquid Spiritual Delight...$12.99
Here's the 2014 version of my fantastically wonderliscious big ass Stout.  Chocolatey and richness is the only way to describe the black beauty.  Think Pam Grier circa 1974.
11.5% ABV

2nd Shift Mullineaux...$6.49 / 750ml
Mullineaux is an American Farmhouse ale that is ever evolving.  A different yeast is used in every batch.  Drink them all Finir de boire.

2nd Shift Art of Neurosis IPA....$7.49 / 750ml
AON is an Ipa that has everything you could want in one, if what you want is a hop sandwich. It's a 7.7% Simcoe and Columbus delight.
67 IBU

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