Friday, October 11, 2013

Wine Education: Old Vine

Wine Tasting at all FOUR locations
Come taste a store favorite Old Vine this Saturday:2010 Cellar de Capcanes Mas Donis Barrica “Old Vines” $13.99 
92/100 The Wine Advocate
October 12 from 11am-4pm.

(each store will also have other wines out to taste)
A little more education: We are going to try to feature either a grape or a wine region each week at our stores. We will give you some background information on the grape or region and feature a wine that highlights what we are featuring. We will taste that wine on Saturday at all four of our locations. We will post it here in our blog and send it out in our emails - click here to sign up for our emails

On our blog, click on the  label "Education" and you can read all of the education articles (see the right column under the heading "labels".

Old Vine
Old Vine (French: vieilles vignes, German: alte Reben, Italian Vecchie Vigne) is a term commonly used on wine labels to indicate that a wine is the product of grape vines that are notably old. The practice of displaying it stems from the general belief that older vines, when properly handled, will give a better wine. However, in France, the U.S., and most countries, it has no legal or even generally agreed upon definition.

Grape vines can grow for over 120 years. After about 20 years vines start to produce smaller crops, and average yields decrease, leading to more concentrated, intense wines. Diseases such as "dead arm" can also afflict old vines, in some cases further concentrating the juice. "Old vines" might apply to an entire estate, or it might mean only a certain parcel planted before others. In the U.S., the most common use is on Zinfandel, because in California vineyards up to 125 years old are still bearing small amounts of prized Zinfandel fruit

Other Old Vines Wines in Stock:
2011 Seghesio Old Vine Zinfandel….$37.99
2009 St Francis Old Vine Zinfandel…$18.99
2006 Sori’ Paitin Vecchie Vigne Barbaresco…$66.99
2010 Domaine La Chapelle des Bois Fleurie Cuvee Vieille Vigne…$21.99
2011 Clos St Jean Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes…$42.99
2011 Domaine de la Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes…$99.99

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