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Bunnahabhain Darach Ur Single Malt Scotch

Very cool gift set.....

In stock at Forsyth and online

Bunnahabhain Gift Set....$74.99 / set of 3 200ml bottles

Amazing gift set includes a 200ml bottle of each...

  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old 200ml
  • Bunnahabhain Toiteach 200ml
  • Bunnahabhain Darach Ur 200ml (only available in this set)

This one is only available in duty free stores and in this limited set!

Bunnahabhain Darach Ur
Darach Ùr (pronounced Dar-ach oor) means ‘New Oak’ in Scots Gaelic and is named after the new oak barrels used to mature this perfectly balanced mix of Bunnahabhain single malts.
Darach Ùr is a limited edition compendium of the Bunnahabhain tales only available in Travel Retail.  Darach Ùr is available exclusively in World Duty Free.  
[now available at The Wine and Cheese Place in this great gift set]

The closely guarded recipe was created by our Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan. A first in over 125 years of tradition at Bunnahabhain, it uses oak barrels from a family run cooperage in Bardstown, Kentucky - the first time they have been lent their character for the purposes of maturing single malt Scotch whisky. Darach Ùr is unchill-filtered and retains its natural colour, with a higher strength ensuring the fresh sweetness of the oak isn’t lost from barrel to bottle. Enjoy this intriguing twist in the story of Bunnahabhain; the welcoming taste of Islay.

Tasting notes:
The nose tells tales of lovely spicy sweet oak, heather blossom, pencil shavings and hints of pine, cloves and nutmeg.
The taste is a wonderful balance of sweet vanilla oak with dried fruits and creamy nutty toffee. Smooth and creamy with citrus flavours and a hint of cinnamon.
The finish has a lovely texture of vanilla gingerbread spiciness and toasted cereals.

Bunnahabhain Toiteach
Toiteach (pronounced Toch Chach) embraces a powerful proposition: the foundation for a variation on the famous Bunnahahain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky. What if a touch of smoke from our peated malted barley was introduced in the distillation process? The Islay character is quite distinctive from that of the Bunnahabhain single malt, known for its gentle taste. Toiteach means smoky in Scots Gaelic, reflecting the seeming contradiction that this peaty paradox represents.  This bottling offers the connoisseur an opportunity to try something truly unique and beguiling in nature. The liquid has been masterfully distilled and quietly matured at the distillery, never for a moment leaving Islay during this process.
Tasting notes:
The nose has a charming subtle peatiness with prickling strength emanating from the dram.
The taste has immediate warming flavours drifting towards a slightly sweet sherry influence with delicate peppery notes.
The finish has a good robust length with an extremely pleasant aftertaste – beautifully peated Bunnahabhain single malt for the discerning palate.

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