Saturday, August 31, 2013

Noyau de Poissy "Seal of Saint Louis"

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Noyau de Poissy Sceau de Saint Louis "Seal of Saint Louis"...$42.99
Noyau de Poissy is a classic French Delight.
A favorite in Paris since the 18th century, Noyau de Poissy is the oldest liqueur in France. Historically, this liqueur was popular with merchants, passengers of the Galliot, and cattle traders, and was the main liqueur served at Parisian inns.

This clear Poissy liqueur has apricots and almonds at its core, which undergo a lengthy maceration in cognac and a variety of spices. The specific details of production are jealously guarded which only adds to the mystique of this signature spirit. Delightfully fragrant, the liqueur is a wonderful addition to cakes, fruit salads, creams and crêpe batter, a delicious addition to cocktails as well as served as an apéritif. Noyau de Poissy is a classic French delight.

Nouyau de Poissy Sour
2/3 Nouyau de Poissy
1/3 Fresh lemon juice
shake and pour over ice

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