Saturday, March 17, 2012

TWCP / 2nd Shift Bourbon Barrel Aged LSD only 204 bottles made!

Update -- it is now the 8th day, so starting at 9am today, we will be releasing the bottles that have not been picked up -- we have 15 bottles that have not been picked up??  
We even have some of the bedazzled version for the people that ask for those first.  (we had 36 of these, and we only had 32 people to the party)



The release party is sold out, reservations were required.
If you have tickets to the release party, do not try to reserve a bottle
(your blinged out bottle will already be reserved)

It will be limited to 1 bottle per person
  • If our site should crash, just be patient and try again (don't call the stores)
  • You will have 7 days to pick up the beer or it will go back out for sale
  • We will have 170 bottles available tomorrow (170 people)
  • So it will take awhile for me to get confirmations sent out, be patient 
  • Hopefully it should last online for more than a few minutes :) with that much
  • Just getting an order in is no guarantee, wait for the confirmations

 Thanks very much

Here are some pictures of the beer!!!

2nd Shift dressed up 3 cases for the release party!

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