Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Wine and Cheese Place Barrel Aged Beer Collaboration Series

As The Wine and Cheese Place gets ready to move into our 30th year as St. Louis' leading wine, beer, cheese and specialty shop, we are extremely excited and proud to announce a unique series of beers.......

  • limited, one off beers
  • wood-aged collaboration beers
  • less than 25 cases made of each   

The Wine and Cheese Place 
Barrel Aged Beer Collaboration Series
October 13, 2011 - St. Louis, Missouri
The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to announce an original Collaboration Series of beers with local Missouri breweries.   The Collaboration Series started with our decision to start choosing and purchasing our own barrels of Bourbon for our store.  The first bourbon we chose was our own Single Barrel of Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  Buffalo Trace bottled our bourbon for us and allowed us to keep the empty barrel that it aged in for years.  Instead of cleaning and finishing the barrel for display as they usually do for retailers that buy a full barrel, Buffalo Trace agreed not to wash or rinse the barrel -- they just sealed it up and shipped it to us.  Why?  We had a great idea to take the barrel and give it to our friends at Schlafly to make a wood-aged beer using our bourbon barrel!!  As a result, we have a whole barrel of Bourbon and soon a whole barrel of beer aged in the same cask!

We were so excited about this idea that we have decided to do a series of collaborations with different breweries.  We already have the next three breweries on board for The Wine and Cheese Place Collaboration Series.  The second barrel of Bourbon we purchased was a Knob Creek 9 Year old which we delivered to one of St. Louis' newest breweries - Perennial Artisan Ales.   Perennial has already filled the barrel with their Heart of Gold Wheat Wine.  Collaboration #3 will be with another new St. Louis Brewery - Four Hands Brewing Company.   We will be delivering to Four Hands, an Elijah Craig 12 year old Bourbon Barrel at the end of October.   They plan on putting in the barrel a special Espresso Vanilla Stout.   Collaboration #4 will be in another Buffalo Trace Barrel with 2nd Shift Brewing.   2nd Shift is allowing you to vote for which beer you want them to age in the barrel (click here to vote).

Each of these releases (specific dates TBA) will produce about 18-22 cases of 750-ml bottles of beer.   Look for them at all four of The Wine and Cheese Place locations in the St. Louis area and online at

Summary of The Wine and Cheese Place (TWCP) first four collaborations... 
#1 TWCP and Schlafly:  
Quadrupel aged in a Buffalo Trace Barrel 
(already in barrel since August 5, 2011)
click here to read more

#2 TWCP and Perennial Artisan Ales:  
Heart of Gold Wheat Wine aged in a Knob Creek Barrel
This will be Perennial's first barrel aged beer!
(already in barrel since October 6, 2011)
click here to read more

#3 TWCP and 4 Hands Brewing Co.:  
Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Goshen Espresso and Whole Vanilla Bean aged in an Elijah Craig Barrel 
This will be 4 Hands' first barrel aged beer!
(should be put in barrel in November)
click here to read more

#4 TWCP and 2nd Shift Brewing:  
You get to choose which beer which will age in a Buffalo Trace Barrel
This will be 2nd Shift's first barrel aged beer.
(waiting for the barrel to arrive, should be 6-8 weeks)
click here to vote on the beer

How do you find about the releases:
Watch our blog / facebook / twitter / or sign up for our emails to be notified of the release.

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