Thursday, January 20, 2011

Renaissance Brewing -- New Zealand

New to the U.S.
Renaissance Elemental Porter Ale....$8.99 / 500ml
Rated 98 percentile on RateBeer

6% ABV
"Elemental is our most awarded beer, it has won gold medals in Australia and New Zealand as well as being consistantly rated New Zealand's
top beer . Originally the beer of choice for workers in London’s produce markets, the beer was a mixture of the previous nights slops that the "porters" would drink when they clocked off at dawn. Porter is also Andy's all time favourite beer style. Brewed in the modern ‘robust’ style, Elemental Porter is a rich, full bodied brew with plenty of dry, dark chocolate and roasty malt flavours which gradually give way to a cleansing hop-driven finish. And although historically it was a sunrise beer, we think nowadays it is probably more suited to an be served after dinner with desserts and cheese, although if you want to drink it at day break, we're not going to stop you. Cheers!" -- brewery

Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale...$8.99 / 500ml
Rated 96 percentile on RateBeer
7% ABV
"Multi award winning Stonecutter Scotch Ale is the big, hearty, ‘red wine’ of our range. The Scotch Ale style is believed to have originated in Edinburgh in the 18th century and is colloquially known as "wee heavy" due to its higher strength than its paler siblings.
We use nine malts blended together to produce layers of caramel, toffee, liquorice, chocolate and roasty flavours. These layers are balanced by a tart, raisiny fruitiness that gradually gives way to give this dark beer a lingering dry finish. Cheers!" -- Brewery

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