Friday, July 8, 2011

New Southern Tier

Southern Tier Farmer's Tan...22oz
Imperial Pale Lager
the hallmark of hard work
Neolithic humans evolved from nomadic hunters into a more settled agricultural society, changing life forever. The ‘founder’ crops they raised included wheat & barley. It is little surprise that the first examples of brewing appeared during this age.

Brewers owe much to that epoch. Similarly, we thank our farmer friends of today for cultivating the ingredients that are responsible for the beers we now enjoy. Their laborious days spent outdoors under the hot sun earn them respect, as well as a mark of distinction: the farmer’s tan. Yes, the inevitable red & white hallmark of hard work.

So, roll up your sleeves and turn the soil. Just be sure to chill a bottle of Farmer’s Tan to enjoy after work.
9.0% abv.• 19ยบ plato • 2-row pale malt• european pilsner malt • white wheat • kettle hops: magnum, mount hood • aroma hops: santium, sterling & mount hood

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