Friday, July 8, 2011

Salumi Salami in stock now!

FedEx just dropped off a tasty package of Salumi a few minutes ago
-- the smell is amazing when you open the box!!!

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats

These are some of the best salamis in the country....Salumi Artisan Cured Meats....come in ask for taste.

"Salumi Artisan Cured Meats in Seattle is the semi-retirement project of the father of TV chef Mario Batali. With a mission to cure meats like salami in the traditional Italian way - with more than a dash of innovation - Batali is doing for the salami industry what many artisanal American cheese producers have done for good stinky cheese: He's creating a great domestic artisanal product in a niche where really excellent offerings traditionally came from abroad." -- Jessica Thompson

A new load just arrived....
Come in and asked for a taste, all sliced fresh to order.

A couple of new ones arrived this time...
Da Vino Salami
Salami with Wine added
Salumi Pepperoni

Plus some of the old favorites....

Hot Sopressata
"A spicy pork salame with garlic. Intense color and slight bite." -- Salumi

Finocchiona Salami
"A traditional Tuscan Salami flavored with fennel with a rough texture from the hand-mixed pork. This is the customer favorite at Batali's store in Seattle" -- Batali

Mole Salami
''We developed the mole because we have a large Spanish community here, but also because I wanted something totally different, broken away from Italian custom with the same concept of curing but a whole distinct new level of flavor. The dark-colored mole salami has the same homemade texture as the others, only with a deep hint of chocolate."-- Batali

House Salami
"Our house signature salame with a touch of ginger. Mild with a slight tartness at the end." -- Salumi


chupetunes said...

Are these at all locations (Ballwin specifically)? Thanks; been wanting to try these since we had to skip out on our trip west a couple years ago.

TWCP said...

We have them at Rock Hill and Clayton. But you can call Ballwin and they can get them for you 636-227-9001.