Thursday, April 8, 2010

Left Hand Seasonals...

Left Hand Chainsaw...$8.79 / 22oz
Double Sawtooth
"Many times we've heard, "More is not always better." Invariably the person on the receiving end of such a statement scowls at the ramifications. Here at Left Hand we realize that life can neither be reduced to nor understood in absolute temrs. We take exceptiona with such broad statements about the human condition. Chainsaw is a connoisseur version of our award winning Sawtooth Ale, designed to befuddle silly generalizations about life. We hope you enjoy!"
--The Brewers at Left Hand

JuJu Ginger is now a seasonal and now in 6 packs!
Left Hand Juju Ale...$9.39 / 6pk
"Welcome to Good Juju Ale, Left Hand Brewing Company’s spring/summer seasonal, available throughout the longer, lazier days of summer that are just around the corner. Good Juju pours a clear, golden color with a rather thick white head. The ginger makes itself known in the nose right from the start, allowing a fresh and clean beginning to this most refreshing beer. Incredibly smooth mouthfeel, with the flavors going straight down the middle of your tongue. The addition of Biker Dude Hawaiian organic ginger root ties in well with the Centennial, US Golding and Sterling hops, allowing for a distinctive, crisp, drinkable beer. Incredibly light-bodied, with a bit of sweetness from the malt backbone, Good Juju finishes very mellow - the perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer day." -- Left Hand

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