Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bacon #5

2010 TWCP Year of the Bacon
Bacon #1 - Iowa -- Valde Rose - Sold out
Bacon #2 - Kentucky -- Scott's Jowl Bacon - sold out
Bacon #3 - New Hampshire - N.Country Cob Smoked Bacon - sold out
Bacon #4 - Kentucky -- Meacham Hams Country Maple Bacon - still in stock
Bacon #5 - Oregon -- Carlton Farms Pepper Bacon

Bacon #6 - California -- coming in a few weeks.

In stock now at all four store.
Carlton Farms Pepper Bacon -- Oregon

Carlton Farms Logo

No fillers. No additives. No kidding.
Like artisans of yore, Carlton Farms handcrafts its delectable award-winning bacon and sausage from the freshest all-natural meats. We hold our farmers and growers to a higher standard and ensure that only the best cuts become Carlton Farms bacon and sausage.
See what real flavor is all about.

Award-winning. Delicious. Irresistible. Carlton Farms thick-cut Regular Bacon bursts with flavor thanks to our sweet-curing, dry-aging, and slow-smoking. We select only the finest pork bellies, dry age them for almost two weeks, then slowly wood-smoke them to perfection for melt-in-your-mouth bacon that’s flavorful, lean, and, yes, irresistible. We craft Carlton Farms Pepper Bacon with the same care and craftsmanship that makes our regular bacon a sought-after favorite — and then add a little kick. After we hand-trim and dry-age fresh pork bellies, we smoke them and add just the right amount of black pepper for lean, mouthwatering bacon.

Carlton Farms: high quality meat that is antibiotic-free, grown by a hand-picked team of farmers who respect their animals and the environment. For those products that are minimally processed (bacon, hams, etc.), we use only our own natural ingredients when curing or smoking.

Our animals come from proud growers — some of whom we’ve known for multiple generations — who practice sustainable farming and follow our strict standards for quality. We source as much as we can from a small group of farmers here in the Willamette Valley, and also a hand-picked group of farms and ranches in the Pacific Northwest that we’ve certified. It’s just one of the ways to ensure that the Carlton Farms meat you serve will be the best you can buy.

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