Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rare Whiskey

Charbay Whiskey Release II.....$299.99
Only 124 cases made of this very rare whiskey.

"Did you know that whiskey is distilled from beer? Normally referred to as "low wash" or "distiller's beer," it's not something you'd reach for on a hot, sunny day. In 1999, our distillers, Miles & Marko, said, "What if?" They decided to distill 20,000 gallons of great Pilsner to create CHARBAY Whiskey. It took them 3.5 weeks of 24/7 distilling, taking shifts to check on the Pot Still every 3-4 hours.(One of the main reasons nearly all whiskey is column distilled.) In 2002, we released the first 2 barrels. Just 3 years old, it was dangerously smooth at cask strength (124.9 proof). Six years later, we're pleased to announce that Release II is ready!! Miles & Marko selected 5 barrels - 124 cases. "There is no other whiskey out that you can really taste the beer that it's made from," says Marko. "The spice from the hops and the barley flavors are very well balanced with just the right amount of oak." -- Charbay

“HOLY WOW! You have really outdone yourself, this release is absolutely amazing. This seriously might be one of the best made American Whiskies I have ever laid my lips on, and just ask my liver, I have had quite a few.” – Buyer/Morrell Wines & Spirits, NYC

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Jenni Karakasevic said...

Thanks for the write up! We love you guys!

cubby_swans said...

great googelmy moogely. I would love a taste of this. Alas it is out of my price range.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, Marko hears you and is working on a whiskey to share with you.
His 'Thesis' to become a Master Distiller.
Some people just call themselves a Master Distiller. Marko's Dad says: To become a Master Distiller, you must bring to market a spirit equal to or better then what you've distilled under your teacher. This is what separates the men from the boys. Sounds like a guy who knows.