Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dan Aykroyd wines

In stock at our Ballwin location and our Forsyth location.

Dan Aykroyd Wines
"This is a new project form Dan Aykroyd, apparently he is a hands on celebrity. Unlike many that just sell their name, he actually worked the harvest and helped with the blending. He has been a wine lover since his days on Saturday Night Live when the musician Steve Cropper introduced him to great Bordeaux. His movie credits include Ghostbusters, Dragnet, Blues Brothers, My Girl, Crossroads, Driving Miss Daisy, The Great Outdoors and many more."

"Dan Aykroyd Wines celebrate the spirit and flavour of the world’s top wine producing regions. From his highly successful career in film and television to his co-founding the House of Blues, Dan Aykroyd has brought laughter, music and entertainment into the homes and hearts of millions of people around the globe." -- winery

2007 Dan Aykroyd Cabernet Sauvignon....$17.99
"Produce in Sonoma County, this Cabernet is blended in the true Bordeaux tradition, giving the wine its elegance and complexity. The Cabernet lends structure and tannins, which are complemented by small amounts of other varietal including Merlot and Carmenere. The Merlot adds soft, fleshy berry and plum flavors while the Carmenere balances the tannins of the Cabernet and adds cherry and spice components...The wonderful, ripe aromas and flavors of blackberry and raspberry are followed by a lovely touch of spice at the finish. Approachable, flavorful and very balanced, this wine is perfect to enjoy with friends and family--exactly as Dan intended!" -- winery

2007 Dan Aykroyd Chardonnay...$17.99
Made in the Sonoma style with Burgundian flair and finesse, this wine is a blend of 7 vineyards from Sonoma County's finest terroirs, including the Russian River Valley. The region's fox slows ripening, allowing for the full develoopment of aroma and flavor compounds so that the grapes ripen with higher acidity. The result is a perfect balance of fresh mouthfeel and soft, creamy texture. The round, full-bodied texture, sweet vanilla notes and increased depth are a result of ageing in a mixture of new and neutral Frenach and American oak barrels. The lovely fruit-forward flavor with essence of pear, Gravenstein apple, and pineapple contrasts with a very floral nose and slight hints of vanilla on the back palate. This chardonnay boasts a versatile and approachable nature that is complex enought to stand up to richer dishes, yet is perfectly refreshing on its own. Enjoy with friends and family - exactly as Dan intended!" -- Winery

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