Sunday, April 28, 2024

Ron Izalco Private Reserve 18 Year Old Rum

Ron Izalco Private Reserve 18 Year Old Rum ....$109.99 / 700ml
134.4 proof

Ron Izalco 18 Year is a minimum 18 Yr aged rum from some of the finest Central American rum distilleries. With no sugar, no additive and bottled at cask strength, this rum is a delight for cask strength lovers, rum purists, and aficionados. Once on the palate, the complexity increases even more, revealing a rich layer of soft tannins, baked pineapple, and several layers of baking spices. The flavors dance elegantly with your taste buds, feasting them with a rewarding experience that lingers extensively after swallowing. Ron Izalco 18 is generous and intense, borderline overwhelming for the un-initiated, but exceedingly satisfying and fulfilling for the true rum aficionado.

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