Friday, June 14, 2024

Equilibrium beers

Our beers are created using the principle of “Mass Balance Brewing,” which focuses on the sources and sinks of different flavors to maximize and balance the right flavors in your glass. Each style of beer (IPA, Farmhouse Ale, Porter/Stout) has unique elements of process and ingredient that has been optimized in this regard.

Equilibrium Run Off Pilsner...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans 
Mountain snowcaps melt in the warmer months and water is pulled by gravity across the land’s surface. This unabsorbed water from snowmelt and rain is known as run off and is responsible for forming streams, rivers, lakes, and ultimately feeding the ocean.
Pouring luminous golden in color with a creamy billowy head, we get aromas and flavors of floral fields and bright lemon rinds with a touch of light spice and biscuit. An incredibly clean mouthfeel leads into a welcomed snappy bitterness with a dry and effervescent finish making Run Off a light and easy drinking option for the last days of the summer.

Equilibrium Tie-Dye Science IPA...$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Tie-Dye Science (6.5 % ABV IPA) The Folding Technique, Ombre Tie method, Sunburst, Gradiation, Sponge Technique…. There are dozens of methods that can be used while making a Tie-Dye shirt, it’s literally a science. In case you’re wondering how we became Tie-Dye Scientists, we can explain. For the last year or so, every Friday, our production and packaging team has dressed in Tie-Dye to mark the end of the week. It’s a thing around here.
Tie-Dye Science starts off with a nice base of oats and wheat before a T90 and Lupomax Citra and Mosaic hop bill for both the whirlpool and dry hop.
Aromas and flavors of orange slices, papaya, pink starburst, lime gummies lead into a bright juicy finish with a touch of hoppy bitterness all wrapped up in a creamy mouthfeel. Perfect to welcome you into the weekend.

Equilibrium Wavelength IPA....$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
6.5% IPA
We started with oats and white wheat for a base before adding Simcoe and Mosaic to the whirlpool. To get some berry medley notes going we dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra at a 2:1 ratio. Wavelength pours bright yellow with aromas of citrus and stone fruit with crushable flavors of mango and berry with a light refreshing finish.

Equilibrium Display of Clarity West Coast DIPA...$19.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Display of Clarity (West Coast Style DIPA) is named after the clarity technique of imaging used to analyze the brain. With 86 billion neurons assembled into very complex circuit, the clarity technique was a breakthrough in scientific imaging making brain imaging more efficient and less evasive, protecting the brain tissue and structure.
We altered our water profile, upped the bitterness, extended the cold crashing, and left out all the soft and fluffy grains to let the simple grain bill and Simcoe with a touch of Citra shine with clarity. We get flavors of pine, lemon rind, floral citrus, and resinous earth with a clean pop of hoppy bitterness and a crisp finish.

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