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De La Senne Pete's Wicked Tripel

De La Senne Pete's Wicked Tripel...$5.49 / 11.2oz bottle
A collaboration with Pete Slosberg using cocoa nibs from Belgian chocolatier Frederic Blondeel
8% ABV
Pete's Wicked Tripel is the result of a collaboration with our friend Pete Slosberg. Pete is a legend in the USA. He is one of the first brewers to have launched a "craft" beer on the American market in the '80s: Pete's Wicked Ale, the start of a real revolution! After beer, he entered with success the world of chocolate. This is why he proposed us to combine both of his passions and to use cocoa nibs to flavor a Triple.
We didn't need to search far away to find cocoa nibs of excellent quality: a few minutes away from our brewery, our friend Frédéric Blondeel, one of Belgium's finest chocolatiers, carefully selected a very aromatic variety of cocoa nibs, which he then roasted in his atelier in Koekelberg. We added the nibs to the beer during fermentation, similarly to dry-hopping, so that our yeast could extract and transform their flavors. Beware: it's cocoa nibs, not chocolate, so we shouldn't expect to find chocolate notes in the beer, that's not the point! The point is to get very subtle flavors.
The result is very complex and easily drinkable at the same time, in spite of its 8% abv. We perceive flavors of green coffee, then fruity fermentation flavors, a malty side, and a touch of citrus. It's in the aftertaste that the cocoa develops all of its complexity, its persistence, and its comforting aspect. Also, the nibs give the beer an interesting texture. To enhance its flavors, we recommend you drink it at 8-10 degrees, or even a bit more according to your taste.

Do you remember this beer?
For those of us that have been here forever....
Pete Slosberg created Pete's Wicked Ale back in the 1980s.  This was The Wine and Cheese Place's number one selling beer for about 4 or 5 years in a row back in the day!  It was shocking how much of this beer we sold.  Of course, this was back when there were no big liquor chains in town and the grocery stores did not carry craft beer.  The beer is no longer being made now!

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