Sunday, April 23, 2023

Horgelus Colombard - Sauvignon Blanc

The Domaine Horgelus is situated on the sunny hillsides of Gascony. This region, renowned for centuries thanks to its Armagnac, now reveals itself as one of the most promising French Appellations due to the increasing quality of its local wines. This conversion started in the 1980’s, becoming truly pronounced in the 1990’s with the production of fresh and aromatic white wines. This fabulous range of products reflects the richness of the land,

Great new 2022 vintage.  This is one of our top selling warm weather whites.  It is not distributed in Missouri, we have to bring it over on our bi-annual French wine container.
2022 Horgelus Colombard - Sauvignon Blanc....$11.99
Varieties : 75% colombard, 25% Sauvignon Blanc
An exquisite marriage of Colombard and Sauvignon combine for a flavorful and refreshing wine with strong citrus (grapefruit, pineapple) and floral aromas (from the surrounding 75 acres of fields & meadows) on the nose. Cool temperature fermentations to release those aromas and reveal the intensity of the fruit.
This wine is an excellent choice for sushi and other shellfish. The fruitiness of this wine makes it a perfect offset for Moroccan style couscous dishes and tagines, as well as spicy Indian food. It also pairs beautifully with appetizers like croquettes or nachos.  A perfect patio wine for St. Louis.  Finished with a screwcap for easy opening on the patio, by the pool and for picnic

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