Friday, October 7, 2022

Old Elk Limited releases !

Whiskey Dave has gone mad -- he has these two bottles open today and tomorrow to taste at our Forsyth location!!!
(they taste fantastic FYI)
Two very limited releases from Old Elk, usually in the raffle, but we got extra 
Old Elk Bourbon Four Grain...$99.99
105.9 proof

QUADRUPLE THREAT | Breaking the mold by blending the goldThere are two ways to make a four-grain bourbon. The first is simply adding an extra grain to the standard mashbill, distilling and aging it as usual. Old Elk has chosen the more difficult path, making two bourbons—one with rye, one with wheat—and maturing them separately until each is at its individual peak. Married together in perfect proportions, they become what every blend aspires to be: greater than the sum of its parts, each component supporting the other to create a sophisticated four-grain bourbon whose elevated mix of flavors would otherwise be impossible.
In Old Elk Four Grain, our signature high-malt bourbon shares equal billing with our high-wheat bourbon. The fifty-fifty blend gives whiskey lovers a taste of all four grains, a rarity in the world of bourbon. Old Elk Four Grain takes your palate on a journey: from the oily richness of corn to the creamy sweetness of wheat and nutty chew of malt, generously dashed throughout with pops of rye spice, bright fruit, and plenty of rich, lush oak.
Bottling at 105.9 proof ensures that every sip of Old Elk Four Grain tastes as complex and rewarding as the first. Your palate will never get tired of exploring the interwoven flavors and nuanced character—there’s something new to discover each time you try it.

Old Elk Double Wheat Whiskey....$99.99
107.1 proof

TWO-FOLD THE TASTE | One for the wheat-freaks
A grain most whiskeys overlook, wheat imparts some of the finest flavors you can find in a glass—if it’s treated right. Old Elk has mastered the way of wheat already, celebrating its sweet softness and nutty round notes in our Wheated Bourbon Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Straight Wheat Whiskey. Now we’re building on those triumphs with a new wheat-forward whiskey: Old Elk Double Wheat.
Part of our Master’s Blend series, Old Elk Double Wheat takes whiskey where it’s never gone before. Master distiller Greg Metze has created a “mashbill within a mashbill,” seamlessly layering Old Elk’s 95% wheat whiskey with our wheated bourbon, for a final ratio of 71.5% wheat, 25% corn, and 3.5% malted barley. We can guarantee you’ve never tasted whiskey like this.
Despite the smooth texture and soft flavors that wheat imparts, this whiskey is no pushover. At a precise 107.1 proof, Old Elk Double Wheat shows its strength without overwhelming your palate. Multi-dimensional and more complex than the typical wheater, this whiskey will impress the most demanding drinkers while welcoming all curious newcomers.

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