Tuesday, July 5, 2022

La Luna Mezcal


La Luna Mezcal Manso Sahuayo...$77.99 / 750ml
Produced from an unspecified scientific agave grown in the Jiquilpan and Sahuayo region. Locally it is also known as “Cenizo”, due to the color of the leaves, but the CRM recognizes it as Manso Sahuayo. This has been mentioned as the favorite of mezcal fans.
  • Aroma – Cotija cheese, papaya, orange peel, grassy
  • Flavor – sweet agave, vanilla, mint
  • Cook Time : 121 hours
  • Fermentation time: 12 days
La Luna Mezcal Cupreata...$36.99 / 750ml
This agave is cultivated and wild for this expression. We roast 90 hours under ground, straight into maceration and fermentation, ferment 120 hours, and proceed to double distill.
  • Aroma – Clean, floral nose with hints of citrus blossom and vanilla.
  • Flavor – citrus notes, smooth textures, and a deft touch of wood smoke throughout the lengthy aftertaste.
  • Cook time: 90 hours
  • Rest time post cooking: None
  • Fermentation time: 120
La Luna Tequilana...$77.99 / 750ml
This particular batch was 8 tons; 4 of which were regular sized blue weber and 4 tons were criollo blue weber, all farmed and cultivated in Indaparapeo. Criollo are small heirloom agaves that have more sugar and flavor than their bigger counterparts. The aromas it gave off after cooking and the taste were amazing.
  • ​Aroma- citrus, baking spices, custard, fresh agave, bubblegum
  • Flavor- delicate smoke, white pepper, cooked agave
  • Cook time: 168 hours
  • Rest time post cooking: 144 hours
  • Fermentation time: 288 hours

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