Thursday, July 28, 2022

Barrell Rye-Off Weekend Flight at the (IN)Famous Bar in Clayton


At the (IN)Famous Bar in Clayton
The Wine and Cheese Place
Friday and Saturday (July 29nd & 30rd) - Forsyth location only

Three ¾ ounce drams for $16
Unfortunately, No bottles available to go, for tasting only. Barrell has bottled some pretty killer rye whiskies and we’re featuring three from the past. Taste these beauties at a great price…
Barrell Rye Batch 003 Cask Strength 116.7 proof
Distilled and aged in Indiana, Tennessee, Poland, and Canada
Selection of 4 to 14-year-old barrels
Barrell Single Barrel Rye Cask Strength 14 Year Old 130 Proof
Special bottling for the state of Missouri
Barrel V224
Canadian Rye Whiskey
Barrell 5 Year Old Rye Whiskey Batch 002 Cask Strength 117.5 proof
Distilled in Poland and Indiana
Aged in Poland, Indiana and Kentucky

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