Friday, May 13, 2022

Callisto California Dry Botanical Rum

Callisto California Dry Botanical Rum...$31.99 / 750ml
A pioneer in botanical rum, Callisto introduces a new generation of rum to the next generation of spirit drinkers.
Challenging preconceived notions of what a rum can be, Callisto presents a fresh and distinctly California interpretation on a centuries old Caribbean spirit. Infused in California with locally sourced botanicals, Callisto’s flavor captures the essence of California’s great outdoors with it’s floral aromas and smooth taste.

Our bespoke blend of charcoal-filtered aged rums originate from Trinidad and Nicaragua, before making their way to Petaluma, CA.

There we infuse with a unique mix of Californian flowers, herbs, seeds, roots and bark to create a botanical delight that carries you from the waterfalls of Yosemite to the crashing waves of the Lost Coast.

The botanicals create a pine and floral base, while adding a dry and crisp finish to Callisto. The blend of rum builds a fullness of flavor through their creamy texture and a hint of salty sweetness. Both pair perfectly to produce an incredibly smooth and distinctly Californian spirit.

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