Thursday, December 16, 2021

Still 630 Maple Sunset Rally Point Rye

Still 630 Maple Sunset Rally Point Rye...$44.99
Rally Point Maple Sunset is an extremely rare and limited-edition spirit that begins as our flagship Rye Whiskey and then carefully finished with notes of bourbon and beautiful maple syrup.

Other people may add flavoring to achieve the desired result. But that’s not our style. This unique spirit was born the hard way, with time leading to full maturation. The story of this spirit is as much about the barrel itself as the RallyPoint Rye Whiskey that went into it.

This whiskey started life being distilled twice, then aging in a charred American Oak barrel from right here in Missouri. At this point, it was well on its way to becoming another standout Single Barrel of our RallyPoint Rye Whiskey. We intentionally select a barrel that has special traits and ideal flavors to compliment the finishing barrel. But this particular spirit is destined for something more…

This special barrel we use to add delicious flavors and nuance to our RallyPoint changes from batch to batch. However, we use one of our own old bourbon barrels that were used a second time to age actual maple syrup. When it is emptied after this second fill, we fill it with a hand-picked barrel of mature RallyPoint. Time alone dictates the length of maturation in the finishing barrel. It’s not ready until all the flavors achieve harmony and complement each other!

Tasting Notes: Maple, holiday spices, and toasted oak on the nose. The initial taste is that of our traditional RallyPoint Rye Whiskey: caramel, earthy rye spice, and dark fruit. But as it rolls off the back of your tongue, you notice the 90 proof strength is softened by a creaminess; there are delicate traces of nutty bourbon and a distinctively pleasurable lingering smooth finish of maple syrup. This is a rye whiskey WITH bourbon and maple syrup notes, NOT a maple-flavored whiskey!

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